Reiki training & courses are available near Wokingham, Crowthorne & Camberley.

Reiki Training

Our Reiki courses are divided into three levels of Reiki, the First Degree, Second Degree and a Reiki Master. Throughout the training you will learn about the history of Reiki, what it is, the principles & precepts, about the aura, chakras and energy systems of the body, how to use Reiki, self-healing, treating others in a chair and on a therapy bed, creating a healing space, hand positions, grounding, protection, Kanji’s, 21 day clearing process,distant healing, Reiki symbols, advances techniques, scanning, developing your intuition, working professionally, attunements, healing the past, present and future & much more!

Some benefits of Reiki healing

  • helps to reduce stress, tension, anxiety and related symptoms
  • can help to combat sleeplessness
  • can help on emotional levels, reduces depression, anxiety etc
  • can help with energy levels
  • helps combat feelings of being unable to cope, emotional turmoil etc
  • plus much, much more!

Can anyone learn Reiki?

Everyone can learn how to channel Reiki and treat themselves and others. All that is needed is a desire to learn and to attend a good Reiki course where you will receive attunements and gain practical hands of experience and safe, effective ways of working with the energy. Your ability to connect and channel Reiki energy  will improve through practice and self-treatments.

Our courses are run by 2 x Reiki Masters and you will receive attunements from both of them on our courses.

Try a Reiki course and see for yourself:

We work with clients in Wokingham, Crowthorne, Camberley and all surrounding areas.