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Using Reiki Professionally

Reiki can be an amazing addition if you are already a healer, therapist or would like to add another string to your bow. We recommend completing Reiki Level 1 & Reiki Level 2 before setting up a professional practice.

Just a few of the professions many of our students come from:

  • Beauty/Massage Therapist
  • Counselling/Therapist
  • Nurse/Mid Wife/Dentist/Doctor
  • Vets & Health Professionals
  • Martial Arts

Using Reiki for family & loved ones

One of the most common reasons people decide to train in Reiki is so that they have the ability to help their loved ones.

  • Help your partner or loved ones to help with stress or anxiety
  • Help your children; this can help them sleep, relax, calm down and help with stability
  • Help your friends, in times of need

Sometimes when faced with challenges or illness a sense of helplessness can occur. Reiki can be a fantastic tool in your toolbox that can help people in times of need on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Using Reiki on yourself

Learning how to self heal is possibly one of the best benefits to Reiki. After completing Level One anytime you feel out of balance, have a headache or feel unwell, you have the ability to help yourself with the reiki self-treatment.

Using Reiki on your pets or animals

A great benefit to learning Reiki healing is having the ability to help pets and animals. They absolutely love the healing energy and you’ll be surprised how effective and easy it can be.

Using Reiki in moments of Trauma

It can be a great comfort to know that if faced with a traumatic situation that you or those around you may not be prepared for, Reiki can help create an energy of calm and ease any sense of helplessness being felt.

Using Reiki at a distance

Want to help someone who lives far away? Not a problem, Reiki can be sent as distant healing and have amazing affects on the recipient. This is covered in Level Two.