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Reiki – The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra
Colour: Green
Location: Center of the chest
Associated organs and glands: Circulatory system, arms, hands, shoulders, ribs, diagram, thymus gland, respiratory system.
Balanced: loved, empathetic, loving
Overactive: jealousy, blame, giving too much, entitlement.
Underactive: unloved, fear of rejection, self pity, neediness, clinginess.

The fourth chakra or heart chakra can be associated with the following characteristics:

  • Appreciation
  • Capacity to love
  • Transcending personal identity
  • Love and connection
  • Heart centred
  • Deep and meaningful relationships

The heart chakra connects the lower and upper chakras. It is the meeting place for the lower physical and spiritual aspects.

This chakra is about love, giving and receiving and how we are in relationships. Love if the energy that helps transform all density within emotions and experiences.

You can see signs of imbalance in the heart chakra through being defensive, feeling closed down, jealousy, codependency.

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