If you have already had some sort of Reiki training but not used it at all since then, or did your training some years ago and have forgotten much of what was taught we offer Reiki Refresher Courses.

They are offered on an individual basis so that whatever you need to be able to feel confident about using Reiki healing energy will be provided to you. This will be done by working with you on a one to one basis so that we can fill in any gaps and questions you may have, receive reminders, and make sure that you have full understanding of the way to energetically work with someone in the best possible way, to keep you and the recipient safe and comfortable.
Because there are so many variations and differences in the way Usui Reiki is taught we make sure that you have all the necessary foundation information and understand the best ways of using this healing energy. You will also receive an additional attunement which will strengthen your Reiki connection.
If you have already started your Reiki training elsewhere, Gabriella and Natalie can continue the training with you as long as it was with the Usui (traditional) Reiki system.
All Reiki Manuals have been kept as pure and as simple as they were received from the Reiki Master who taught Natalie. Gabriella & Natalie both feel it is important to honour the way Reiki has been handed down and therefore very little has been changed in them, however with over 30 years of healing experience Natalie can share far more then is in the manual on a training day if suitable.

Please contact us here so that we can discuss your training needs.