Energy is everything

and everything is energy


The sooner you get started on your Reiki Journey

the sooner your life will change


The only thing you'll regret

is that you didn't learn it sooner


We offer Reiki training & courses near Slough, Stoke Poges, Burnham & Iver.

Why choose Reiki?

Having Reiki as a tool in your toolbox is a great way to anchor and integrate healing energies into day to day life. This can help you and those around you when facing challenge, difficulties or overwhelm.

Reiki can help on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It is a great way to help re-balance and de-stress yourself, your family, friends, children, loved ones and clients.

In a World that often feels chaotic and overwhelming,  the gift of Reiki can bring you into a heart based, peaceful and loving space to take into your life and draw upon when needed.

This a key year and you may have noticed the past few months have been intense emotionally and energetically.


…is a holistic approach to personal and self development
…allows you to take more responsibility for your own health & well-being
…accelerates healing emotionally, physically & spiritually
…reduces stress & promotes inner peace
…helps you express your full potential and inner wisdom

Reiki can be a wonderful useful treatment in that it is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or level of health. It is used to help restore a feeling of balance, alignment and relaxation. Often people feel calmer, more peaceful and with a more positive outlook on all aspects of life. It is possible for any level to benefit from Reiki – from physical/mental, emotional problems or to deepen your spiritual connection.

It can be used in various settings, including complementary therapy centres, hospices, between family & friends, support groups, as part of post-operative recovery, rehabilitation, as emotional support and care of the elderly.

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Our Reiki Courses are:

Friendly Trainers

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2 x Reiki Masters

20 yrs Reiki experience

Small group numbers

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35 yrs healing experience

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We work with clients in Slough, Stoke Poges, Burnham, Iver and all surrounding areas.