Energy is everything

and everything is energy


The sooner you get started on your Reiki Journey

the sooner your life will change


The only thing you'll regret

is that you didn't learn it sooner


Reiki Level 1, 2 & 3/Master Teacher Training Courses

Would you love to learn Reiki Healing with an experienced and friendly mother/daughter team? Our Reiki courses are designer to suit everyone regardless of previous experience or understanding.

We offer Reiki courses, Reiki training & healing workshops near Berkhamsted and Tring in Hertfordshire. 

We tailor each course according to the attendees, have successfully trained 100’s of people and have never knowingly had anyone complete the training and not been able to give a Reiki healing.

Whether you are a complete beginner to spiritual, healing or therapies or have a wealth of knowledge in other areas or Reiki courses will suit you. We believe that everyone if capable of learning to practice Reiki for themselves as well as others.

All of our training is based on the traditional Japanese Reiki system developed and originating with Mikao Usui. Our courses also come with a full training manual and Reiki certification for the level of training you have completed.

We offer a down to earth and practical approach to teaching in a friendly and safe environment.

Try a Reiki course and see for yourself:

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Our Reiki Courses are:

Friendly Trainers

Mother & Daughter Team

2 x Reiki Masters

20 yrs Reiki experience

Small group numbers

Safe & Serene Environment

35 yrs healing experience

In depth training

We work with clients in Berkhamsted & Tring, Hertfordshire and all surrounding areas.